Title: Re: [Zappa-List] FZ on Crossfire at viralvideo
Man, you really nail it, don't you, Danny? Nice job!
Then you obviously do not have the faintest idea what "fascist" means ... take a ride in your time machine and try living in Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy. What is the point of hyperpole? It just makes your argument look riddiculous. What's wrong with the truth - that the Reagain adminstration was a deeply rightist reactionary one, like others. I think it is best to stress the essential continuity of the various US adminstrations - within reason, with caveats, qualifiications, etc - than to disproportionately demonise this or that president. Look at JFK, so-called 'liberal' or 'progressive' - escalated in a qualitatively fashion the war in Vietnam, aggreesive belligerency in Cuba and other parts of Latin America, authorised extensive CIA/FBI spying operations on Martin Luther King (etc), links with Mafia/organised crime, probably had some part in fixing the 1961 election with Nixon (mysterious disappearance of ballot boxes, etc), all sorts of personal mendacities and venealities, and so on.
I mean, guys, let's get real now ...


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