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Anyway,I'd just like to say Happy Xmas to all on this
particular to the *usual suspects* such as Cris H (I will ring when I
find your number),Chris F (thanks for the covers),Milhouse and Jim L
(always intelligent contributions),Dawayne *Punky* Bailey (lots of
interesting posts),Danny O'Dare (can't be his real name,surely ?),Bart
(our agent in Poland),and of course SOFA for starting the list.
-Very kind of you, thanks for the mention! Best wishes and a pleasant Xmas and new year to you too, Glen! :)

It's also good to see how the list has become much more active in the
last year with nearly 700 posts in Oct 2004.
Keep it up guys.
-I agree. I'm glad there's activity around here. There's still activity on AFFZ too, of course, but I often miss the way it was a few years ago. If only all the good posters from there and here were gathered in one place to form one really spectacular Zappa community :c)~

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