Trying to correct pause errors by automation won't give you perfect  

I once made a safety copy of "Sheik Yerbouti", right? ..And due to  
something I can't explain, the finished backup came out with _hard-coded_  
extra pause IN the last seconds of each track.. The disk would pause  
annoyingly in between each track shift.. =(

As far as I can recall, there are originally, -at most, one, or two,  
'sub-second'-pauses on that album, as each piece should glide over into  
the next one..

My theory is, (the backup was made in 96 or 97 I think,) that whatever  
burning-app I'd be using at the time did something to the copy, -or-,  
perhaps, it could've been wrongly processed as a TAO-disk, I truly don't  


På Sun, 02 Jan 2005 12:17:50 -0600, skrev Steve Marshall  

> This will only work if the gaps are exactly the same on all tracks. Any
> variations & you introduce another problem - removing too much. The only
> truly accurate way to remove TAO gaps is with an audio editor (Sound  
> Forge,
> Audition, etc)
> Steve

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