Hello freakies,
Received the other day:
Barcelona 88 DVD
"An Evening with Wild Man Fisher" 2-cd
Why anybody would want to listen to a Beatles or Rolling Stones album when they can listen to Wild Man Fisher is beyond me ...
Also, if anybody is interested, downloaded the latest "Friday show" from KUR, St Paul 1974. Also, now got 6-cd solo set, "Imaginary Guitar Notes" (on ONE disc as MP3s), from GenieNitro (aka Steve Somebody) of KUR. If anybody's interested I can do a trade or something, as I'm 'obliged' to vine/reoffer it to the KUR chappies (or maybe a twin vine, I don't know, I leave that to the lawyers in the group to decide ...).
Also, if Ken W is reading this, thanks to the festive 'bottleneck', I'm a tad behind on my copying/burning duties, but you should get your stuff soon!

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