Welcome to the List, Dave.
No, there is no FAQ for the procedure and there probably should be. I will try to rectify that sometime soon. For now, the best thing to do would be either get emails direct from the List, or check the yahoo page frequently for "offers". Shannon has started a new 'perma'-vine starting for the "Magic Fingers' Variation Variations" 4 disk set. You can mail him directly to get your name on that list. Or you can respond to one of the folks who have recently "closed" a vine offer, and ask to be considered for the re-offer.
The email of a member is always attached to their message; you should be able to click on it to create a private mail to them (or copy and paste their addy to a new mail as the case may be). Replies to Group messages go out to the entire List. Some have found this tough to get used to, but we are - after all - primarily a "discussion" group, trading & vines are merely an added benefit...
Have fun and don't be afraid to ask for help. We're a pretty friendly lot.
Hey all,

I'm new here, and just starting my FZ collection. I have a couple of
1988 shows on cassette, which I need to burn to CD, but otherwise not
much in trade bait. How can I get on one of those vine thingys, and is
there an FAQ for learning the procedure?


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