I failed to point out the essence of my latest mail, which was that Zappa  
was spending some hours/days/consecutive-milliseconds in jail, due to the  
porn entrapment neurosity, by those fine "Occifers" of Cucamonga PD (or  

So, if they don't, -or haven't-, cleaned his slate, or crime record, he'd  
technically be listed as a "criminal", since him being in jail..

That's why the presidential-marathon sounds odd to be blamed on the  
sickness _alone_.. But it's all "ozone under the layer" by now, so  

Australia / Oceania, -whatever the classification might be-, does probably  
have some felons of some sort or another in their ruling hierarchy, at  
least at some point or another.. But judging from the "Set up shop in  
NZealand" statement, and other liberal bits I've picked up over the years,  
the same demands on cleanliness probably isn't mandatory there..

Thanks for reading, Danny..

På Mon, 3 Jan 2005 20:02:58 +0000 (GMT), skrev Danny ODare  

> A fairly good point!
> It just proves that ANYBODY residing in the USA (after, say, a  
> 'tokenistic'-adminstrative period of 3 months or so) SHOULD have the  
> right to stand for president, and that 'criminal records' should have  
> ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. But, having said that, in the REAL  
> WORLD of course, if you want to stand for president you have to be  
> WELL-MONIED, and, more than that, you need to have CONNECTIONS with  
> either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Period. Hence the  
> failure of the monstrously reactionary BILLIONAIRE Russ Perot  
> (regretably, FZ made overtures to such a monster), because he couldn't  
> cut the the mustard - too much of an 'outsider' (as Hitler was of  
> course, for a certain period).
> Boy, is the system sowed-up or what ...

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