Richard, thanks for the suggestions, and the link to the LP ripper.  I'll take a look at that.
But as it turns out, I found that the .cda file type was not selected in the options as accepted.  Having selected that, I was finally able to rip it as a .wav.  Ah, success!
thanks everyone,
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Oh, and if you have an audio file of questionable extension, Audacity will more than likely open it. Then you can turn it into a wav.
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From: abxer3p
In an attempt to edit out the 2 second gaps in the 31 Mar 79 Munich show, I have copied all of disc one to my hard drive.  However, I cannot copy track one, as my software says it can't copy a .cda file.  Well then, how do I access this track?  All the others on disc one are .wav files.
I'm still trying, but if anyone has any helpful methods/ideas, please let me know.

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