its a fancy lossless audio file. You can't play it straight away, you have to convert it to a wav then burn it. or you can get burners that do this in one action. there are many applications to convert files, I use dbpoweramp( ), because all you do is right click your mouse on the flac file, and from the menu that pops up choose what you want to convert to, wav, and bingo!
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What's FLAC format? And if I can play it, may I get a copy too? LOL!

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> Howdy all,
> I'm going to vine this show as requested some time ago.
> I apologize for taking so damn long. Better late than never
> I suppose. I Roberto Navarro to be first on the list a few months
back. And the date in the subject line is ALL the
> information I have regarding this. Be warned it is in FLAC format.
> ACHTUNG!! I've NEVER started a vine before. So, how many people
should I list before closing it?
> Thanks,
> Darrell

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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