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I'm with Milhouse. Careful on the LSO, though; takes a little more determination and effort if you're not naturally inclined in the symphonic avant gard tradition.
-I agree. Zappa's orchestral oriented material in general takes some time to get into for most people. If you can start out being able to accept and digest pieces like "The Adventures of Greggary Peccary" and "Revised Music For Guitar and Low Budget Orchestra", you can kind of ease yourself into "Orchestral Favorites" and the orchestral parts of "200 Motels" and eventually move on to, let's say, the arrangements of older material on "The Yellow Shark" and eventually be able to arrive at appreciating the LSO recordings (although I would have to say that's my least favorite batch of all the orchestral type material).
Also, Man From Utopia has some great stuff.
-I happen to love that album, and I feel it gets such a bad rap. I also feel the LP version is clearly and easily superior to the later CD version (possibly do to the naturally occuring bias one has when they live with one version for years and years and ultimately find themselves unsatisfied with a later, alternate version.)

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