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Actually I love all of those, except for Yellow Shark (because I heard
so few of it).
My problem is quite the opposite. I asked the early 80s question in
first place because I don't care that much about some of the 'normal'
music fz did. I listened to YAWYI once and found only a couple of
songs or so memorable, along with the Sinister Footwear one obviously.
I didn't discard it, whenever I get a chance to listen to that album
again I will do so, but I'd like to go first for the stuff that
emphasizes instrumentals more in that period.

-You're not really going to find albums from that time period with a heavy emphasis on that style of music, but you will find pieces of a more complex instrumental nature on pretty much all of the 80s albums, mixed in with more vocal oriented stuff.

On The Man From Utopia, you can find "Tink Walks Amok", "We Are Not Alone" and "Moggio".. Mothers of Prevention has "Alien Orifice", "What's New in Baltimore?" and some synclavier pieces.. Them or Us has "Sinister Footwear II", a killer noisy guitar solo on the title track and "Marque-son's Chicken", which Drowning Witch has a stunning second half featuring the lengthy title track and "Envelopes".

Oh, and uh... "Shut Up N Play Yer Guitar", obviously.. and the second disc of "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5" is one you should definitely check out. All 1982 band. Excellent stuff.


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