There is no easy answer to your question, Kim; FZ has over 65 released titles, many of them multiple disk sets. There's a LOT of music to choose from for this recommendation...
I could name a release or two, someone else could respond "no, try these", and name another couple. It's almost easier to tell you what to avoid, yet there would still be a response to the effect "no, you should GET that one".
Your situation is quite similar to "Hey, I just discovered bread; any recommendation on which bread I should buy?" And I'm not being silly here; it's really that complex.
Since you liked 'Cleveland', and possibly more, from "Does Humor...why not get that one? Or have your friend copy it for you and then really give it a critical listen. Then ask yourself, "why do I like this?" You have lots of options: the guitar work, the compositional style, the social commentary, the funny lyrics, the tightness of the band. Narrow down what you like the most and we may be a little more help to you...
And if this all sounds like too much to do for a lousy FZ recording, go buy "One Size Fits All". This is one recording that almost every Zappa fan rates highly; it seems to please a lot of the reasons that we all for enjoying FZ.
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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hello i just heard some frank zappa here by the day, a friend of mine put on a cd called does humor belong in music and it was a song called "lets move to cleveland" i was blown out by this song it was just so cool and now i want to hear more music of him,what other records can you recomend to me,what should start with?
regards kim "new zappa fan"

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