I got the vine discs for the Barcelona '88 VCD a while back, copied them to the hard drive and just tried to burn the discs with Burnatonce. The problem I'm having is that it will play on the computer's CD drive but will not play on my DVD player. No problems with the vine discs, they played on both, it's the copy I burned that doesn't work.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the lack of the "VIDEO_TS" folder. It was present on the vine VCD, but isn't on the copy that I made. I copied the disc image using BAO and used the image file to make my copy. So why isn't the "VIDEO_TS" folder there? Am I to add it back in somehow, manually? Or just use a different method of copying the data on the original disc?

I still have the vine discs (apologies to the person I'm supposed to pass the vine on to next.. I still have your address and WILL send you the discs) so I can try the whole thing again, I'm just wondering what went wrong here.


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