Yep, it is good. I downloaded this from the Zappateers a few days ago! Ken, I will shortly be sending you the stuff I promised to send you - sorry for delay.
Good work Cris - sounds like an interesting project!
p.s. I would still love to track down the 16 volumes of interviews that appeared on SharingTheGroove about a year ago (apparently). I've got a paltry one volume of it (#12?) so far ...

Ken Weston <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

This does sound like great fun. Thanks for vining it. I'll reoffer.

Ken Weston
931 Split Rail Lane
Hillsborough, NC 27278

--- In, Cris Haldenby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> A collection of broadcasts, interviews and tributes --- Frank Zappa on
> the radio in US and UK
> I've been working through my Reel to Reel tape collection and
> transferring stuff to digital.
> I now have a collection of CDs to vine out to those that are interested.
> The First One:
> On 20th October 1980 Frank did a live Phone-in on KPFT radio in Houston
> to promote his concert appearance at The Sam Houston Coliseum.(21st
> October)
> He also invited the DJ to play the acetate of his (then) latest album,
> "Crush All Boxes."
> The phone-in is fun, with fans ringing in to get free tickets to the
> show and trying to answer trivia questions, such as...
> Who was Electric Aunt Jemima?
> How did the song Help I'm a Rock get it's name?
> And how many quarts of beer did Jimmy Carl Black drink per day at the
> Garrick in 67?
> Oh, and the spaced out guy....
> Great fun!
> The lineage is FM/ReelToReel/WAV/CD
> Rather than breaking the broadcast into segments, I've left it as one
> long track lasting about 45 minutes.
> Let me know who wants it.
> Vine 2 follows shortly.
> Cris

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