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I never got the Jazz From Hell vine, guys. It's been so long I didn't
evern realize it.

Gabriel wrote:

>You know, when I sent Jazz from Hell to him I sent two messages asking
>him if he had received it, and he never answered.
>I think Mark should look his stuff to see if indeed he never got it
>from Roberto, though.
-FWIW, I myself had the version of the "Jazz From Hell" vine disc (with the 3-part "JFH" BBC radio special, and another two-part thing, all in mp3 format) that also included the GTOs "Permanent Damage" in wav format. That copy is being sent off to Ken Weston, who should be getting it soon (I also misplaced/lost the disc for a good week and a half and thus took a bit longer to get it out to him than I should have). So at least it's still out here somewhere in some format.

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