So, you are going to get your $4.00 discount, but you had to spend an
extra $50 to get it? And wait, and wait? God, or somebody, help us...


PS-I totally forgot about the $4.00 discount from the OZ disc. I'm not
sure I want to try to redeem mine, after hearing your story. I commend
your patience!!

--- In, "SOFA" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Joe's Corsage - $12.00
>  Joe's Domage - $13.00
>  QuAUDIOPHILIAc - $20.00
>  Standard Shipping - $8.95
>  Store Credit - $4.00
> Total to ZFT - $49.95
> Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation - $5.00
> Telephone Calls to B.S.'s answering machine - $7.00
> Telephone Call to B.S.'s attendant - $1.05
> Overdrawn Checking Account Fee - $25.00
> Copy of Cancelled Check from Bank - $2.00
> Total out-of-pocket Expense for 3 FZ releases - $90.00
> Number of days since order was placed (and not shipped) - 118+
> 5 unanswered requests for help via  "Barfko-Swill athletic support
form" - worthless
> 1 email from Gail 'explaining' what happened - priceless???
> "Jack,
> We're on it.  Thanks for writing to me.  I will look into the details 
> and get back to you as soon as I can next week.  I just wanted you to 
> know that we will honor the discount.  The check turned up mysteriously 
> only recently.  Let's just say there is no accounting for finding mail 
> behind the copier - as it happens, we've even had this excuse from 
> customers that said they hadn't received their goods - only to discover 
> them behind their copier.  Maybe machines are taking over.
> So, we did deposit your check earlier this month.  As you might 
> understand we have to wait for the bank to tell us it cleared - and we 
> only got this information from our bank very recently.  So, if your 
> order has not already been processed it will be as soon as we reopen 
> next week.  As for the phones, we are dark on Mondays.  We've also had 
> lots of computer & network issues since the rains which have been 
> frightening for us sunny californians.  Even today we were without 
> power for most of the day.
> Thanks in advance for your patience and for your commitment to the 
> Music of Frank Zappa.
> Music is the Best!
> gz"
> CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:  This e-mail transmission, e-mail address
and any
> documents, files or previous e-mail messages attached to it may contain
> confidential information that is legally privileged.  If you are not the
> intended recipient, or a person responsible for delivering it to the
> intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure,
> distribution or use of any of the information contained in or
attached to
> this transmission is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  If you have received this
> transmission in error, please immediately notify the sender.  Please
> the original transmission and its attachments without reading or
saving in
> any manner.  Thank you.
> (I'm tremblin' in my cushions)
> On Feb 18, 2005, at 3:21 PM, SOFA wrote:
> Dear Gail,
> I hope this letter finds you well. I also hope that you can help me...
> I've been a fan of FZ's since the late 60's, and a supporter of the ZFT 
> since his passing. I have legitimately purchased every release to this 
> point (with the exception of Halloween). In October of '04, I placed an 
> order for the two "Joe's" available, and the "Quadiopheliac" release. I 
> received confirmation of the order on Oct. 27 (#19929). I called 
> 818-Pumpkin to make sure that it was a) okay to pay by personal check, 
> and b) to make sure that I could still receive the 'credit' I 
> was promised from the pre-order of "FZ in OZ". The attendant I spoke 
> with assured me it was okay, simply deduct the credit from my check - 
> which I did.
> At the end of November, I had not received my order, nor could I get 
> any info on it by checking the website (tracking #XXXXX2345). As it is 
> extremely difficult - not to mention expensive - to get thru to a real 
> person at the 818-Pumpkin, I tried the "Help Form" available at the 
> website.
> I received no reply to my inquiry. I tried again two more times in the 
> Month of December...
> I finally gave up, figuring that my check had gotten lost in the mail - 
> even tho' it was sent priority mail with delivery confirmation (which 
> told me that it had been delivered on the 2nd of November). Last week, 
> I received a notice from my bank that my checking account was 
> overdrawn. Upon investigating, I found out that the check written to 
> Barfko Swill was cashed and cleared my bank on Feb. 4th. However, 
> checking the website, I do not see that my order has been shipped...
> I have requested (and paid for) an image of my cancelled check; I 
> expect it in a couple of days. The bank attendant told me the image had 
> an account number (XXXXXXXXXXX) as the endorsement on the back.
> I've spent most of the day (and god knows how much money) trying to 
> reach someone at 818-Pumpkin, to no avail. I have also submitted 
> another Help Form (support #1000002322) regarding the situation, but 
> considering the track record of Help Form that I've experienced, I 
> don't hold out a lot of hope for an answer from those in charge of 
> handling help requests.
> I know that you're not one to "steal" from the fans that support the 
> ZFT, but I wonder about your employees... Can you help me? My faith in 
> Barfko-Swill is at an all time low.
> I hope I have provided you enough information to check out the problem.
> Warmest Regards,
> Jack C. Oonk
> Now I ask you: Does this kind of business look profitable to you?

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