This is up on Easytree now and someone posted this. 
Never heard of these titles before!!  

Chris in DC

The TRUE story....
I had for many many years a Test Pressing for what was
LP 1 one of the set which I got from a former FZ
employee (keeping all true names outta this). I got it
in 1978.
Many MANY years later, figure 1991 or 1992 I was
hanging with my pal TB (apparantly some of you know
who he is by his initials, good enough) and flipping
through HIS collection of cassettes, and he had an
unlabled mystery tape that seemed to include parts of
Billy The Mountain as well as many other 'solos.' I
borrowed it, listened and realised he had a cassette
of the second LP! My Test Pressing is way chewed up,
and his cassette wasn't much better, but together they
represented the only known version of the TWO LP Just
Another Band to be in existence.
Cut ahead a few more years to the late 90's, and some
guy on was wondering if such a thing in
fact existed. I wrote him back in confidence that not
only did it exist, but I would run him a copy of the
complete set with the understanding he offer it up to
anyone who wants a copy. 
He never did, but apparantly he made SOMEONE the
second LP.
Keep in mind that by combining the official release
with this second LP you still will NOT have the
complete 2 LP version. Billy The Mountain on LP1 the
test pressing is longer than how it was officially
I also have a photocopy of the ORIGINAL liner copy to
the ORIGINAL 2 LP set.
The ACTUAL song titles were to be:

Side One: 
Call Any Vegetable
Eddie Are You Kidding?
Dog Breath (these are all the same as officially
released JABFLA versions)

Side Two:
Billy The Mountain
   Phase I (The Royalties Arrive)
   Phase II and Newscast
   The Legendary Low Budget Hero
   The Flies

Side Three
Billy The Mountain (cont.)
   Studebacher Hoch
   The Conclusion
The Subcutaneous Peril

Side Four 
"An Easy Substitute For Eternity Itself"
   Don's Solo
   Ian's Solo
   Aynsley's Solo
   Frank's Solo

According to the liner copy The Subcutaneous Peril and
An Easy Substitute were recorded at Carnegie Hall
October 11, 1971.
Even more interesting is that the writer credit for An
Easy is shared by FZ, Don Preston, Ian Underwood,
Aynsley Dunbar and Jim Pons.
Here's hoping that clears up one more muddy mess of
legend, as well as assistting you guys with the ACTUAL
titles, instead of 'A Bunch Of Solos.'

Also this:

It should not be debated, it's from JABFLA. The tape
this stuff originates from has all the songs from
JABFLA on side one. One tape, an LP on both sides.
They split BTM into two parts in this version. It is
from a band member (AD). Original test pressing is
probably worth quite a bit!  TB obtained a copy and
the rest is history. God Damn! I myself obtained a
copy from TB who secured it and can confirm it's the 2
LP version of JABFLA. No songs from the Fillmore LP
are on either of the two vinyl discs used to make this
tape. Though all the songs from JABFLA are on original
tape. Hence why we draw the conclusion. Don't see how
this possibly has anything to do with the Fillmore LP.
FZ gave test pressings to all current band members at
the time., This copy comes from AD.

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