Well for what its worth I reported it as well. Got this form email back from ebay in minutes.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 5:58 PM
Subject: Thank You for Your Report (Community Watch) (KMM161787480V40683L0KM)

We will review the listing(s) you have reported for violations of our
Recordable Media Policy. We often rely on members like you to bring such
violations to our attention. 

In light of eBay's privacy policy, we cannot share with you any action
taken by eBay with respect to this listing. If we determine that the
listing violates this policy, we will remove the listing or suspend the
seller. Account suspensions are usually reserved for those sellers that
repeatedly disregard policy.

If the item you reported does not appear on its face to violate this
policy, we may refer it to the intellectual property rights owner for
review. If the rights owner has a good faith belief that the item is
infringing, they may choose to send eBay a formal request to remove the
listing. For more information on eBay's cooperation with rights owners,
please visit:


For more information on eBays Recordable Media Policy, please visit:


Thank you for your report. 
The eBay Community Watch Team

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