Don't worry just yet Chris. As we have just loaded several of your covers to TBN's webpage, I will probably delete them in the near futeum... But, see my last post to marco; I'll wait a bit for group response.
Howdy folks,
If my MITB art is taking up too much space ,I could remove them,if you like.There's alot of black ink used on them,printing them for myself drained my black cartridge.

marcomat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I didn't know there were already two versions uploaded. I've checked both and can confirm that I have a third set (don't know who made it, but you should already know it, as it probably comes from The BigNote or thereabouts). Since the 20MB reserved to the File directory of the list are almost used up, maybe it's not necessary that I upload yet another artwork set. Or...?

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