Awe shucks...I..I just love youes guys!!

First off, thank you Jim for stepping up. I'm more than a little disappointed that some of the original vinees at the end of the line didn't respond (ya see, the message archives give me a pretty good clue of who these folks are)... But that's life, yes?
I am currently thinking about a different way to start vines here, one that doesn't require any "keeping track"... I'll post those thoughts when I've fully fleshed them out.
Afa the artwork for this set is concerned... I will be 'tidying' up our storage space in the following week; it's been a while, and needs to be done. So please, don't anyone delete anything as of yet... A lot of Chris' stuff, as I mentioned, was featured in theBIGnote's update; I will clear that out. Marco, if you could please allow me the week, I will have some space for your work. I'm sure I am not the only member interested in seeing what you have done...
Patience Kids!
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From: Jim L
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 8:21 PM
Subject: Re: [Zappa-List] MITB artwork

It's probably mine that should be removed.
From: chris
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 10:41 AM
Subject: [Zappa-List] MITB artwork

Howdy folks,
If my MITB art is taking up too much space ,I could remove them,if you like.
I didn't know there were already two versions uploaded. I've checked both and can confirm that I have a third set (don't know who made it, but you should already know it, as it probably comes from The BigNote or thereabouts). Since the 20MB reserved to the File directory of the list are almost used up, maybe it's not necessary that I upload yet another artwork set. Or...?

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