--- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, "sofa49423fz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Vines, and the Viners who Vine them...
> ...
> A member that starts a vine, posts to that effect with a "VO" (Vine
> Open) in the subject line (ex: VO 841206 Oklahoma, or VO KECT "Token
> of His Extreme", or VO DVD "Video From Hell", etc). In the message
> body, before any info is listed, the person offering the vine puts
> their user name and location/country, followed by 2 arrows: ex.
> SOFA-US<<. Then add whatever pertinant info you want, or is 
> Here's what a vine message should look like:
> To:           Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com
> From:                 sofa49423fz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date:                 Sat Apr 2, 2005  9:16 am
> Subject:      VO 741106 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh
> Message:      SOFA-US<<
>               60 min, SBD,
>               01 Tush Tush Tush
>               02 Stinkfoot
>               03 Inca Roads
>               04 Experiencing Technical Difficulties
>               05 Yellow Snow (tape break?)
>               06 St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast 
>               07 Cosmik Debris
>               08 Florentine Pogen
>               09 I'm Not Satisfied.
> The message is sent out in this form; the first member interested
> posts a response to the group message (DON'T CHANGE the 'Header' or
> subject line in ANY way) by adding their user name or ID to the 
> message: ex. SOFA-US<<Jim L.-US<<; each interested member does this 
> turn.
> So this vine will build as members express their interest: ex.
> SOFA-US<<Jim L.-US<<HotratsL-US<<Cris-UK<<vrnzr-BE<<Gabriel-AR<<Jack
> Simpson-US<<, and so on.
> Vines should not "close". When a member mails a vine to the next
> recipient, the member indicates such with a reply to the message by
> removing their name. So with our example, when SOFA mails the vine 
> to Jim L., the reply to the message would be Jim
> L.-US<<HotratsL-US<<Cris-UK<<vrnzr-BE<<Gabriel-AR<<Jack 
> Actual snail mail addy's should remain off list. A member's email
> always appears in the header of every message sent by that member, 
> direct contact should be easy…
> Why do it this way? 
> 1) This method allows for everyone to get in on a vine when it's
> announced - still first come first served, but the "me next" can be
> listed, instead of having to wait for the re-offer.
> 2) This method allows everyone to 'track' a vines progress - no need
> for a vinemeister, the vine will build on it's own, and be tracked 
> everyone. A deadbeat, or break in the vine, will be noticed much
> sooner, because everyone is watching.
> 3) This method allows for a consistency in our vining, which will 
> it easier for anyone new to the Group since the vine's start to 
> all of the vines and participate (simply type VO in the search bar,
> and view the status of any vine).
> 4) This method keeps a vine perpetually open; you only cross YOUR 
> off the list, and only AFTER you mail the vine on. The last member
> left on the vine is always morally obligated to send a copy on to
> whomever requests it, whenever requested.
> Barring any sane disagreement with this method, I'd like to 
> it immediately - or ASAP.
> Let's give it a try?
> Regards,

A big YES !! I'm all in favour for this new vining system. It's much 
more transparent this way.
Thanks, SOFA, for suggesting this.

And I agree with YM - ">>" is more logical ...

Therefore the example vine from above could look like:

SOFA-US >> Jim L.-US >> HotratsL-US >> Cris-UK >> vrnzr-BE >> 
Gabriel-AR >> Jack Simpson-US >>, and so on.

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