Questions, questions, questions plaguing the minds...
My initial idea had the people putting their name up on the list to a) pay attention to the email address included in the post (whether it's digest, individual, or site-read doesn't matter; it's always included; and b) pay attention to the email of who responds next in line. I had figured that this was the least a person could do to be a part of the vine... The "policing yourself for the good of everyone" concept. Member Barry was correct; I based this concept on the one employed at the KUR forums. But they are a blog and we are not - it's just a little different.
I have, in watching what has transpired in the last day, seen a couple of problems tho', which could/would most likely be answered by attaching an email to the list, rather than a handle so some care needs to be taken. Jim's comment about the arrows is a good point; also not leaving a space makes for one monster email addy: [EMAIL PROTECTED]>>[EMAIL PROTECTED] - don't try clicking on this at home!
I'm going to suggest that everyone 1) pay attention to the thread of the vine that you join, 2) make your arrows this way <<<, and 3) use your discretion when it comes to attaching yourself to the vine. If you want to add your email to the body of a message post, that's your business (but, our message posts, by virtue of the system in which we are operate, are easily searched by anyone on the Net, not just our group members; there's simply no such thing as a private group), but if you use a handle or user name or personal name or whatever, take it upon yourself to contact the person before you - and after you, as the case may be - in the vine. In theory, as long as you know who you're getting the vine from, and contact that person with your stats, those behind you will do the same and the vine will take care of itself...
Unless, there's something I've not thought of?
So when adding oneself to a vine; How does the person getting the vine
know WHERE to send it?
But How to get a mailing address? Rick

As you reply by adding your name (Jim L-US>>Rick-??) your email address is automatically on the email you replied and added yourself with. This system is almost foolproof with the possible exception of 2 members replying and adding themselves to the vine at once. Even then yahoo will sort out who's email arrived there first down to the millisecond and combining can occur. Jim L
Great advice, this is a fantastic idea SOFA, It's
made me get off my ass and re-offer some long
overdue stuff. Rick
I think I missed an important point in SOFA's instructions. The separators should be this way << rather than this way >>. Jim L

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