The arrows, the arrows, GOD I HATE the backward
arrows, a close second are the SPACES! I'm not
religious, but mea culpa.

Scott, trying hard not to fuck up.

> Questions, questions, questions plaguing the
> minds...
> My initial idea had the people putting their
> name up on the list to a) pay attention to the
> email address included in the post (whether
> it's digest, individual, or site-read doesn't
> matter; it's always included; and b) pay
> attention to the email of who responds next in
> line. I had figured that this was the least a
> person could do to be a part of the vine... The
> "policing yourself for the good of everyone"
> concept. Member Barry was correct; I based this
> concept on the one employed at the KUR forums.
> But they are a blog and we are not - it's just
> a little different.
> I have, in watching what has transpired in the
> last day, seen a couple of problems tho', which
> could/would most likely be answered by
> attaching an email to the list, rather than a
> handle so some care needs to be taken. Jim's
> comment about the arrows is a good point; also
> not leaving a space makes for one monster email
> addy:
> - don't try clicking on this at home!
> I'm going to suggest that everyone 1) pay
> attention to the thread of the vine that you
> join, 2) make your arrows this way <<<, and 3)
> use your discretion when it comes to attaching
> yourself to the vine. If you want to add your
> email to the body of a message post, that's
> your business (but, our message posts, by
> virtue of the system in which we are operate,
> are easily searched by anyone on the Net, not
> just our group members; there's simply no such
> thing as a private group), but if you use a
> handle or user name or personal name or
> whatever, take it upon yourself to contact the
> person before you - and after you, as the case
> may be - in the vine. In theory, as long as you
> know who you're getting the vine from, and
> contact that person with your stats, those
> behind you will do the same and the vine will
> take care of itself...
> Unless, there's something I've not thought of?
>   So when adding oneself to a vine; How does
> the person getting the vine 
>   know WHERE to send it?
>   But How to get a mailing address? Rick
>   As you reply by adding your name (Jim
> L-US>>Rick-??) your email address is
> automatically on the email you replied and
> added yourself with. This system is almost
> foolproof with the possible exception of 2
> members replying and adding themselves to the
> vine at once. Even then yahoo will sort out
> who's email arrived there first down to the
> millisecond and combining can occur. Jim L 
>   Great advice, this is a fantastic idea SOFA,
> It's
>   made me get off my ass and re-offer some long
>   overdue stuff. Rick
>   I think I missed an important point in SOFA's
> instructions. The separators should be this way
> << rather than this way >>. Jim L 

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