I hear you, Hepburn. My first Zappa album was Absolutely Free a friend turned me onto it in 1968. I bought everything that he put out after that, but nothing prepared me for "Live at Fillmore East June 1971". I couldn't believe my ears. Still can't.
Jack (just how much Chardonnay can one man drink, anyways) in Austin

hi all,

i'm a fairly new member of this.  the only other lists i belong to are the Tom Waits
and Randy Newman ones.  being a "newbie" i'm not too sure how these vines work. 

although i'm a newbie to this list i'm a long time FZ fan, owning most of his lps, all
the way from Were Only In It For The Money, Lumpy Gravy, etc...  my cousin turned
me on to FZ when i was probably 14 or so, way back in the early 70s, i think it was
the live white album.  it was the first time i ever heard someone say fuck on a
record, i was immediately hooked. 

i actually met Frank during my senior year in high school (1975) while interning at
the local progressive FM radio station here in cincinnati.  Don't You Eat the Yellow
Snow was actually being played on the radio.  he was in town to do a concert at the
UC (University of Cincinnati) Fieldhouse and he dropped by WEBN to do an
interview with ginger sutton.  i got to sit in for the live interview.  the reason i got to
be there was because i had the most complete collection of FZ albums, which they
used for the info.  he arrived in a limo, came upstairs for the interview and made
ginger look like a total idiot, because ginger obviously didn't know much about FZ. 
it was hilarious.  i actually got to talk to him after the interview, but became totally
tongue tied, even though i had all kinds of stuff i wanted to ask him, however i was
able to ask him where i could find a copy of Lumpy Gravy which was probably the
only LP i couldn't find.  he thought that was pretty cool and at the time i think that
was probably the album he was most proud of.

well that's about it for now.  might check in once in a while but glad to have found
this discussion list.

todd (who still can't resist saying "there's a howard johnsons, wanna eat some
clams? whenever i see a howard johnsons, or whenever i order clams) hepburn

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For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.

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