I too am a newbie to this group and am curious as to how these vines work. I'm also a long (read old) time Zappa fan. My first Zappa album was "Lumpy Gravy" (bought new by my mom as my allowance that week at a department store called Klein's) and my first rock and roll show was the Flo & Eddie edition in 1971 at Stony Brook University at the tender age of thirteen. Oh, the wicked life of debauchery that ensued!
Speaking of Stony Brook, I returned there as an adult (in age, at least) and have been broadcasting on their station for quite a while now. For over ten years I've been doing one entire day of Zappa and we'll be doing it again April 17 between noon & midnight. It will be webcast at for those who want to tune in. It IS tied into our spring fundraising so there will be stretches of pitches to deal with but I can guarantee you the music will be choice. This one will be co-hosted by John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon and scheduled guests include Greg Russo (author of Cosmik Debris) and Charles Ulrich (currently at work on the book Project/Object).

Not Dead Yet,

Bill Amutis
(Ol' Baggy Eyes)

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On Apr 5, 2005, at 10:43 PM, Jack Simpson wrote:

I hear you, Hepburn. My first Zappa album was Absolutely Free a friend turned me onto it in 1968. I bought everything that he put out after that, but nothing prepared me for "Live at Fillmore East June 1971". I couldn't believe my ears. Still can't.
Jack (just how much Chardonnay can one man drink, anyways) in Austin

hi all,

i'm a fairly new member of this.  the only other lists i belong to are the Tom Waits
and Randy Newman ones.  being a "newbie" i'm not too sure how these vines work. 

although i'm a newbie to this list i'm a long time FZ fan, owning most of his lps, all
the way from Were Only In It For The Money, Lumpy Gravy, etc... Not Dead Yet,

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