is that a real poncho or is that a sears poncho? 
but seriously folks, from a somewhat technologically challenged guy how do these
vines work and how do i get in on them?
Hello Todd, usb (I think I want to talk with you directly soon), and any other "newbies"
In a nutshell, here are how 'vines' "work":
Someone (maybe even you) has a recording that they would like to share with the List community. They make a post to the list indicating such; in the subject line they put "VO" (vine offer) and what they have to share (ex. 750427 Boston early show, or Barcelona '88 DVD). Then, In the body of the message they put their user name, real name, or email address, followed by a space and two arrows (<<). That's it...
Someone (maybe even you) sees that message - either from a group email, digest, or at the yahoo page - and desires that selection for their collection; they respond to the message (changing nothing in the subject line) by adding their name to the message (ex = firstguy-US <<[EMAIL PROTECTED] <<). After they post their message, they contact the person ahead of them in line privately with their snailmail info. Then they wait for whatever it was that they wanted.
Oh yeah, they will, inturn, be contacted privately by the next person in line. This might happen right away - or much later. Regardless, the member is morally obligated to send the original disk(s) they received - after they have made a copy for themselves - to whomever is next on the list.
This is called "sharing" the music and it is something that the List promotes. Of course, private trades and B&P between members is also acceptable and encouraged, but PLEASE keep your transactions off-list.
If you happen to want to trade for music, or if you do not have burning capability and wish to explore B&P, check out the Files section for "member trade lists"; there are several. If you have something to offer, post your list there; or if you have something you'd like to share, start a vine. You'll love it; it's a way of life...

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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