(from DC++)

Hello gals and guys,

We're very sorry having to tell you that we had to shut down EZT
forever just a couple of minutes ago.

We got a call from our provider, they had received a few letters
from a couple of lawyers. They requested EZT to be shut down
immediately, otherwise we'd be sued.

As you may imagine, we do not have the funds to fight a battle we
most probably can't win anyway.

We would like to thank everyone here for their contributions to EZT,
one way or the other, for sharing the music, sharing an ideal, for
all your mails, rants, praises...

I'm sorry, I'm still too shocked to write on... maybe later I'll
find some more words or my collegues will do...

To say it with Joan Armatrading:

We had fun, fun, fun, fun
fun, fun, fun, fun
we had fun -- while it lasted...
--"Tall in the Saddle"--

You all take good care!

<GeorgeBush> I took eztree down
<RFNB> yeah, it's been on a few hours
<RFNB> the message, I men
<RFNB> mean

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