I know... And neither does any FZ fan or tape site. Except theBIGnote, thanks to your article ; )
Are you aware of any site that does? The only confirmation I've found is yours, and an interview "Twister" gave.
But that's no big deal, really. I personally verified a show for Ulrich, and it happens all the time. The problem they deal with is the documentation; they tend to want a little more than "I remember when". Naurin goes for the taped evidence, Ulrich will accept a program, or press announcement, ticket stub or whatever. But, I have no doubt of the Wichita show, thanks to your, and Craig's, testimony. We'll just have to wait for the 'tour list' folks to catch up...
Ya know Dawayne, you really should contact Charles Ulrich about this show... I've heard he's in the process of writing a book on FZ; with your intimate knowledge, you might be a potential resource...
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Both of those places are missing The Petite Wazoo show in Wichita, KS
on Dec 1, 1972 at Century II.

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