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With many thanks to Jeremy Adams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]...> I can offer this
vine to the first person to reply with address and promise to revine.


15-Sep 1972, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
123 min, Aud, A/A-
New Brown Clouds, Big Swifty, Approximate, For Calvin And His Next
Two Hitchhikers, The Grand Wazoo, The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary,
Dog Meat, improvisations, Blues For A Minute, Penis Dimension,
Regyptian Strut, Chunga's Revenge

2-Dec 1972, Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, MO
Early Show: 70 min, Aud, B+/B
Rollo, Duke Of Prunes, Montana, Little Dots, Cosmik Debris, KC Blues,
Farther Oblivion, America Drinks & Goes Home
Late Show: 75 min, Aud, B+
Merely A Blues In A, Son Of Mr. Green Genes, Rollo, Imaginary
Diseases, Cosmik Debris, Chunga's Revenge, Don't You Ever Wash That

This is 2/3's of the Mega-Wazoo... FYI.

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