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Hi Jim!
Thanks for advice - studying now.
Also, I'm having problems burning FLAC files with Burn At Once - well,
I just can't do it, so at the moment I'm forced back to using
crappy(ish) old Nero. You are supposed to be able to 'directly' burn
FLAC files with BAO, but I always get the message - 'Warning - source
files not ready' (or something like that). I've looked in the External
Folder, and the FLAC.exe is in there, so it should work. Any ideas as
to what I am doing wrong?

You're saying you want to burn a FLAC disc, right? You could use BAO to just copy the disc as an image (using "Additional Checks" to get a more accurate read), rather than individual files, then when you burn the image to disc (but I can't remember if you would do FLAC as an Audio or Data disc, to be honest.. ) the track splits would already be in place in the disc image.

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