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Hi Jim!
Thanks for advice - studying now.
Also, I'm having problems burning FLAC files with Burn At Once - well,
I just can't do it, so at the moment I'm forced back to using
crappy(ish) old Nero. You are supposed to be able to 'directly' burn
FLAC files with BAO, but I always get the message - 'Warning - source
files not ready' (or something like that). I've looked in the External
Folder, and the FLAC.exe is in there, so it should work. Any ideas as
to what I am doing wrong?

You're saying you want to burn a FLAC disc, right? You could use BAO to just copy the disc as an image (using "Additional Checks" to get a more accurate read), rather than individual files, then when you burn the image to disc (but I can't remember if you would do FLAC as an Audio or Data disc, to be honest.. ) the track splits would already be in place in the disc image.

Ah I may have misunderstood. Yes the use the copy menu (BAO) to copy a disc full of flac files if what you want is an identical disc full of flac files as Milhouse said. If the flac files are on the hard drive then use the Mastering/Data CD to produce a disc full of flac files. The Mastering/Audio CD selection will convert the flac to wav and then burn an audio CD.  

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