Meander off to Zappateers and get yourself a dose of my new
upload/seed, "Blood on the canvas" - unaired radio play by FZ & Eric
Bogosian (UMRK 1986). Then go to DimeaDozen and treat yourself to
"Thing-Fish - Demos and More Demos (Deluxe Version)", which I
co-produced with my esteemed colleague, itsonlytony. Features stunning
NEW artwork!

here's the blub for "Blood":

itsonly pseudo-productions proudly presents Volume 6 of its impossibly
ambitious (but eminently achievable) 300+ release schedule! Ladies and
gentlemen, for your singin' & dancin' pleasure:

"Blood on the canvas" - Eric Bogosian & Frank Zappa

Recorded at UMRK 1986 - Museum of Modern Art - withdrawn/unbroadcasted.

Eric Bogosian - words & performance
FZ - music & production

??>Sony FX (Type 1) 90mins cassette>CD WAVE>FLAC Frontend

Next scheduled release:

"FZ - Pittsburgh, Stanley Theatre 13-Nov-1980 (early show)

(always subject to change - whether for scientific or whimsical reasons)

Back catalogue:

Volume 1 - "FZ - Madison 11-Aug-1984"
Volume 2 - "FZ - A Feast of Friends" (KMPC Radio 8-Jan-1989 w/Alan Ladd)
Volume 3 - "Tommy Mars Interview" 20-April-1996 w/Juha Ramppanen
Volume 4 - "Dick Barber Interview" 9-Feb-1990 w/Bruce Burnett
(Clairmont 9-Feb-1990)
Volume 5 - "Ray Collins Interview" December 1989 (Venice Beach, C.A.)

Note: naturally, as the itsonly production team grows in artistic and
technical competency/confidence - and blossom into deeply spiritual
human beings - they will intermittenly re-seed 'improved' versions of
their mighty back catalogue. Requests always taken. We respond to
enthusiasm. We even accept fan mail.

All our productions are horribly conceived, spawned, hatched, mutated
& cloned at our state-of-the-art Frunobulax Hissing' Laboratories
(beware the rabid guard dogs)


Bursting with pride, we hereby unleash upon the (mainly) unsuspecting
world the follow-up to our DimeaDozen hit single (with a bullet),
"Thing-Fish - The Real Tapes". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for your
singin' and dancing'
pleasure, gaze in awe-struck wonder upon:

"Frank Zappa - The Thing-Fish Demos (Deluxe Version)"

2.Mammy nuns
3.Harry and Rhonda
4.Torchum never stops (fade out)
5.You are what you is
6.Mudd club
7.The meek shall inherit nothing
8.Dumb all over
9.Heavenly bank account

1.Teenage Wind
2.Suicide Chump
3.Jumbo go away
5.I dont want to get Drafted
6.Massive Improve'lent
7.Artificial Rhonda
9.No not now
10.Briefcase boogie(Eee Ooo)
11.Brown Moses
12.Drop Dead
13Wonton on
14.Galoot updatum
15.Torchum never stops


Fundamentally, the "Deluxe Version" is a souped-up re-issue of the
'official' unofficial 2-cd bootleg release, "Thing-Fish Demos"
(released in
2004 - under the rubric, Zipperman Demos Series Vol. 3). Our version
is jam-packed (well, packed) with extra tracks and phenomenal NEW
(yes, new) artwork - the likes of which have never been seen before,
and may well be never seen again (especially if the
Jesus/Yahweh/Allah/Vishnu-loving Thought Police get their way). So,
even MORE for your non-money - are you a luck person or what?
The stinking blurb that accompanies the evil commercial bootleg reads:
"The complete Thing-Fish in an early demo plus 1981 Chalk Pie studio
demos" (now please leave your cash on the table). However, our
Chalk-less version contains some extra tracks that do not appear on
the 'official' "Thing-Fish Demos" bootleg, as we also had in our
sweaty clutches a cassette (21mins
long) entitled, "More Demos", containing four tracks - now included in
our Deluxe version and no doubt running through your startled ears
right now.
Additionally, our track titles differ ever so slightly from the
bootleg's - though we are almost certain that they are indeed the very
same tracks.
Still, judge for yourselves, fellow Zappaoholics!
Now, do yourself a favour and download this hot poop, and make sure it
rockets up the DimeaDozen charts (with a bullet). I mean, who wants
that turkey, Carlos Santana, to be king of the hit parade? Also, as a
cynical incentive to rig the charts (in the very best pop/ugly radio
tradition, of course), there is a free beer with every download - OK?
Just like in our previous production (which you've already got,
right?), we include the front cover of the original bootleg release -
so you can contrast its wretchedness (though its alright) with the
glory that is our brand new artwork, commissioned solely for this
breath-taking project.
Absolutely nothing wrong in blowing your own shiny trumpet and
reveling in your own genius, we say. Then again, the blushing artist
is now at the mercy of this writer, so he'll have to live with his
fame (don't worry, Leonardo - it will become a way of life).
For all you sensible people who downloaded, "Thing-Fish - The Real
Tapes", believe us when we say you NEED this as well - not only do you
get to hear loads more Fishy things but you get to hear those tracks
again but in their right and proper context. C'mon, you know it makes
Finally, the sound quality - while obviously not perfect - of the
Deluxe version is a distinct though not dramatic improvement over "The
Real Tapes".
This recording has been thoroughly un-dehissed, in order to give it
that sort of uncommercial sound which is so unappealing to today's
teenage consumer.
(Horribly conceived, spawned, hatched, mutated & cloned at our
Frunobulax Hissing' Laboratories)

For the scholars amongst you, here is the true but tragic story of the
"Thing-Fish pre-release version", as told by the master of all
knowledge, Jon 'obi-wan' Naurin:

"The story of the Thing-Fish demos, and three Zappa fans called X, Y and

1. X acquires the pre-release tapes from Zappa.
2. X makes a complete copy to Y, and an abridged one to Z, under the
condition that they won't spread them.
3. Z makes a bootleg, and trades his tape.
4. Several different versions of Z's recording makes it onto other
bootlegs and tapes.
5. X and Y never spread their recordings any further, but play it to
friends and at Zappa days. [Jon has heard these tapes - Ed]

So all bootlegs originate from the same recording, and the only
difference between them is the length and sound quality.

>From Chris Ekman:

I noticed you've got no entry for the original Thing-Fish yet, so I
thought I'd sent this track listing I'd made for a tape purported to
be it.
It's 90 minutes long, and some, but not all, of it would seem to be on
a couple of bootlegs you've got listed [Thing-Fish - The Real Tapes
and Frank Zappa's Thing-Fish]. I don't have the tape here, so I can't
check on some of the things that strike me as squirrelly now. Tracks
are different from the official version only when noted.

1. Prologue
2. The Mammy Nuns
3. Harry & Rhonda
4. Galoot Up-Date
5. Approximate [!!]
6. The Torchum Never Stops
7. You Are What You Is
8. Mudd Club
9. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
10. Dumb All Over
11. Heavenly Bank Account
12. Teenage Wind
13. Suicide Chump
14. If Only She Woulda
15. Drafted Again
16. The Massive Improve'lence
17. Artificial Rhonda
18. Amnerika
19. No Not Now
20. Briefcase Boogie
21. Drop Dead
22. The Crab-Grass Baby
23. Won Ton On

* Track 3 has different backing - Synclavier, I seem to remember.
* Track 4 is backed by a guitar solo, not by " The Blue Light" - part
of this can be heard during the "an' how many think my potato been
bakin' too long?" outtake during " Porn Wars" on Frank Zappa Meets the
Mothers of Prevention.
* Track 6 has " The Evil Prince" interposed, but the original Zoot
Allures solo and grunts as the backing.
* Tracks 10-15: Like the other You Are What You Is songs, the vocals
are redone and slightly altered. This is a lot of You Are What You Is,
isn't it?
* Track 15 is a very different version: Moon sings a verse and does a
Swedish Valley- Girl aerobics routine over most of the song, some of
which wound up backwards on " Ya Hozna" on Them Or Us.
* Track 18 is the Synclavier instrumental, which, oddly enough,
doesn't have Napoleon Murphy Brock's vocals.
* Track 21 has doo-wop vocals backing the conversation between
Thing-Fish and the Evil Prince.
* Track 22 is totally different - it's a mishmash of all of the Baby's
lines on the official album, with a different backing.
* Track 23 has no dialogue, just some of Johnny "Guitar" Watson's
exclamations from "He's So Gay" (which, again oddly, doesn't appear in
this version)."

pizza to anyone who does - Tony-um & Dan-um

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