Its probably a political/isolationist thing. They just don't want you getting corrupted by seeing rude and weird Zappa stuff...LOL.
I'm a bit geographically/world politics dumb, so apologies about my next question. Is the government there still of a military origin? That would explain a lot. military minds get paranoid about free thinking. Didn't Sepultura have to make a run for it for being outspoken there?
Don't loose heart, the united kingdom aint as free as it makes out. You can get sudden doses of bad employment luck if you speak out here! But then we can watch a standard tv format so they are good to us really...
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Youre pretty much right on most of it, Richard. About pal-m however,
its not compatible with european Pal because pal-m was developed here
by the military as a way of protecting the brazilian tv industry (or
so they thought, im simplifying the story a lot here). Its actually
a modification of pal, but were the only ones who use this format.
Nowadays most tvs here understand both pal-m and ntsc, but almost
every digital equipment around only work in ntsc, i think even tv
stations do all their stuff on ntsc and convert it only when they
Now guess what, the morons here want to do the same mistake again and
make our own digital tv system, instead of picking the same one most
people in the rest of the world will soon be using. Bah.


On 5/17/05, Richard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am probably wrong, but I would say that M would probably be compatible
> with the UK PAL system. I have noticed on some old cordless home TV
> distribution systems, a switch which changes the PAL system transmitter
> between two different pal systems. To my recollection it didn't make a lot
> of difference, possibly the sound was different slightly, could be mistaken
> there though. That was some years ago and auto sensing circuitry would cover
> that issue now in even the cheapest DVD player. Most incompatibilities these
> days are deliberately built in to make companies rich, not because they are
> genuinely incompatible. Like region codes!
> The original reason that pal secam and ntsc exist is all down to when
> countries went colour and what technology was available, cos you couldn't
> keep asking your public to buy new compatibleTV's every time there was a
> breakthrough. Yet you wanted more reliable transmission systems. NTSC used
> to be known as Never The Same Colour twice by its PAL competitors.

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> Brazil uses its own format called Pal-m. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
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