hi again all,
                      im wondering if my mailman is a zappa fan. Joseph, has this one been mailed out yet? Sorry to post to the group but I couldn't find your personal address.
Conehead, I didn't forget that you may be at a different address..I email you before I mail!
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This vine posted to Joseph US - 7am Monday 4th April

Joseph-US >> richard moore-uk >> Conehead-BE >> thierry barbier-france

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This it the second in a series of 5 radio broadcasts I'm vining.

VO - Frank on the Larry King Show 13th August 1985
This is a phone in mainly concerning Franks testimony before the senate committee about the PMRC issue.
Porn Wars!

While not as entertaining as the HOUSTON phone-in I started a while ago, it's good stuff and a bit of history.

On 2 Apr 2005, at 21:41, abxer3p wrote:
Hi Cris, what format is this, and is it a single disc?

Sorry about that, the format is:

FM Radio/ R2R/ WAV
Single disc.
Length - 42.30 minutes

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