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Downloaded this one recently. The truth is my collection is getting so big I have a backlog of shows I haven't even listened to yet. I decided to give a listen to this one though and immediately knew I had to offer it. It just sounds fantastic. I noticed that some have this one in their trade list already, so maybe this show is only new to me? If you haven't heard it though it's a good one for sure. The info is listed below and I guess I'll send it out as regular audio CDs unless everyone now prefers flac? It will take 2 discs ether way. First to add their name to the vine and email me off list with a mailing address gets it first.
Text downloaded with the flac files.
Zappa in Saratoga, Performing Arts Center 1984-09-01
SBD 120 min A/A-
Taken From The Bootleg:  Kreegah Bandola ( which I bought in 1993 )
Lineage is : My Silvers>EAC>Wav>Flac>You
Enjoy ! BP
CD 1
Heavy Duty Judy
Carolina Hardcore Ecstacy
Advance Romance
I'm The Slime
Be In My Video
What's New In Baltimore ?
Ride My face To Chicago
Teenage Wind
Truckdriver Devorce
Cocaine Decisions
Nig Biz
CD 2
Keep It Greasey
Honey Don't You Want ?
Carol You Fool
Chana In De Bushwop
Let's Move To Cleveland
 > Encore
He's So Gay
Bobby Brown
Crew Slut
Camarillo Brillo
Muffin Man
Illinois Enema Bandit

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