The last sign I could fine for linage for this one was the below on 22nd April.
Did you get it from Peter?
Maybe you are the last one in line?
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Who wants to be next in line for this fine set ????

Send me the usual information !


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> Discs in the post for Joe.
> I have traced the relpies to this vine, there does not seem many
> on here, seems strange.
> appologies if I have missed anyone off, or missed any messages, it
> not easy trawling through pages of messages!
> thanks to the group for this excellent quality disc!
> original Description:-
> 1988-5-17 Barcelona, 2 VCD/1DVD Video
> Video available on 2 VCD's for the DVD
> burner-less or on 1 DVD for the DVD burner-more.
> Michael.

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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