Heres a new vine its one disc in APE FORMAT So the full Artwork is on there too!
Permanent Damage (GTO's, LP, Straight STS 1059, December 8, 1969)
     The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady
     Miss Pamela and Miss Sparky discuss STUFFED BRAS and some of their early gym class experiences
     Who's Jim Sox?
     Kansas and the BTO's
     The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes
     Wouldn't It Be Sad If There Were No Cones?
     Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation)
     The Moche Monster
     TV Lives
     I Have A Paintbrush In My Hand To Color A Triangle
     Miss Christine's First Conversation With The Plaster Casters Of Chicago
     The Original GTO's
     The Ghost Chained To The Past, Present, And Future (Shock Treatment)
     Love On An Eleven Year Old Level
     Miss Pamela's First Conversation With The Plaster Casters Of Chicago
     I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man
     Frank Zappa - Producer
     Lowell George - Producer
     Sparky (Sparkie Parker) - Composer
     David Jones - Composer
     Miss Christine - Vocals
     Miss Cinderella - Vocals
     Miss Mercy - Vocals
     Miss Pamela - Vocals
     Miss Sandra - Vocals
     Ian Underwood - Keyboards
     Don Preston - Synthesizer
     Roy Estrada - Bass
     Jimmy Carl Black - Drums
     Frank Zappa - Tambourine
     Jeff Beck - Guitar
     Rod Stewart - Vocals
     Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards
     Craig Doerge - Keyboards
     Rodney Bingenheimer vocals
     Frank Zappa is widely believed to have created the GTOs as an experiment, like a joke band. They played live with  the Mothers of Invention, and      
     some famous muso- style musicians played backing music for them.
     GTO stood for lots of things, including: Girls Together Outrageously,
     GirlsTogether Occasionally, Girls Together Only, and Girls Together Often.
     They didn't play their own instruments, they took a lot of drugs and they
      had a lot of sex. They were girl freaks who liked the company of other girl freaks.
     They knew Tiny Tim. Some of them were ex-juvenile delinquents. Some of them were street kids.
      Miss Christine OD/d and died at the Modern Lovers' house in Cohasset, Massachusetts in 1972.
     Their only album is 'Permanent Damage,' released in 1969, and later
     reissued in 1989.
Now Out of Print and Unavailable Commercially!

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