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Jim L <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Yeah OOP is probably ok. It varies from one trade group to another. The
stricter ones not allowing it but there are many that do. I might have even
sent out some OOP stuff here myself. The Dub Room Special for one. Although
it's allowed on dime and they don't allow OOP at all. I guess it's original
mail order sale doesn't count? Ah I see SOFA's ok with it that just leaves
one question in my mind. What is GTO? Is it Zappa related? Please forgive my

Jim L

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> --- In, Jim L <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > As nice as that sounds Dwayne I don't think we should start down
> path of
> > having vines of officially released and copyrighted CDs. It's very
> illegal
> > and shouldn't be tracked on this very public email list. What's
> off
> > list is just between the parties involved however. SOFA?
> >
> > Jim L
> >
> They are both out of print - which is why I proposed it. I find it
> hard to believe anyone would mind, since none of it is being sold.

I've also seen vines on here that were CDRs of vinyl albums, such as
the recent Jeff Simmons vine - which is also copyrighted material, but
that too is long out of print.

That's how I see it being okay to share. Do you really think big
brother will have a say in this?

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