The GTO's (Girls Together Outrageously) we're the 'groupies' in a sense for the MOI.
When FZ moved into the original Log Cabin, there were some hippies squatting there: Carl Franzoni, and a couple of the girls that would become the GTO's. Frank did not evict them, but rather let them crash around the place - the house was huge, with small grottos dotting the back 40; plenty of space for everyone. Carl and the Girls would go to the early MOI shows and provide "interpretive" dance for the music. Pretty soon the 'girl' section grew to include 8 - 10 dancers. In exchange for their board, the girls would help Gail out around the house, and baby-sit Moon. A couple of the girls fancied themselves as "poets" and the girls would often regale Frank with their interpretive song and dance. Finally Frank said, "You girls should record an album".
The GTO's were officially born.
If you ever get the chance, read "I'm with the Band" by Pamela (Miller) DeBarres, for an interesting look at this period of Frank's life.
What is GTO? Is it Zappa related? Please forgive my

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