wav format: dawayne-US << white rabbitt-US << Scott Burnett-US << Joseph-US <<
("Permanent Damage" and "I'm With The Band - Confessions of A Groupie")

APE format: John Goddard-US <<
(Permanent Damage only, with artwork)

> If this is going to be a proper vine(s), let's do it properly; shall we?
> I found it difficult to make heads or tails of all the posts, so let's start like this. Let all
> who are interested add their names to the vine of their choice!
> Communing together, maintaining our coolness together, worshipping together at the vine of our
> choice; only in America...

For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.

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