Hey Guy!
The fact that you attended the show in question could go a long way to solving a major FZ mystery (or not). There were two dates at the Fillmore that weekend: the 13th & the 14th - according to sources much more knowledgeable than me.
At one of the shows, Joni Mitchell appeared; at the other one, Grace Slick was onstage...
The show(s) circulating at present are the ones where Grace appeared. The other evening is not in circulation. There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the date of the show that is circulating. Tho' many call it the 13th, many other sources refer to it as the 14th.
Do you remember anything of this show? Do you have ticket stubs from this show?
If there's a chance to lock down the true date of this show, it would go a long way in clearing up a bit of an FZ mystery.
What about it? Can you recall anything from way back when?
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If this vine actually makes it to me (some have, some haven't),I will
attempt to post scans of the program booklet (which I've been holding
onto all these years) from this Fillmore East show (11/13/70 was my
very first FZ show).

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