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FZ drove; he chose not to after waiting too long in line at the DMV. Early LP jackets spelled the song Redunzl, I believe.
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It was "REDUNZL" (handwritten in capital letters, whereas the other titles are written with normal capitalization) on the DiscReet "Studio Tan" LP. All other official releases of the song are titled "RDNZL". Of course, as we know, the "Studio Tan" LP artwork (and this goes for "Sleep Dirt" and "Orchestral Favorites", of course) was not approved or even run by FZ at the time of it's release. The only other "official" release where it appears as "Redunzl" is the "Piquantique" bootleg reissued as part of "Beat the Boots" box #1 (which I don't believe the ZFT actually counts as an official release at all).

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