Your advantage over techies is obvious, a "feel "for the music no matter how unpolished the turd  you can feel with your familiarity, the Z music and somehow get it a little more
listenable i am sure thats your intentions
 AM Also sure thats gonna be your results!
I am currently in use of Soundforge 7  but am but a baby with this and wouldnt like to offer anything out until both technical proficient and  musically heartfelt at the results it just wouldn't be right! keep it in house for the time being.
Good luck SOFA With your endeavours!
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There are lots of nice audio editing suites out there John; I happen to use Soundforge 4.5. This is an old program that was given to me a long time ago... They have since upgraded to a 6 or better? Anyway, Sonic Foundry, who make it, have their shit together afa I'm concerned.
Editing programs can be costly; I'd find someone with a Soundforge program who'd be willing to share with you - as I did. I like Soundforge because of it's ease. I had no manual, or instructions with it and I could operate it immediately (and I am like supremely stupid with techie things).
CoolEdit is another program that's kinda popular...
I bet JimL could quote a raft of options.
For my money - or complete lack thereof - it's Soundforge.
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Just as a matter of interest as Zappa list is technical at the mome ??
What type of software does one use to polish a Frank Zappa concert Turd (Not Frank Himself, a concert by Frank+, Hideously recorded?) 

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