Hey Kids...
I don't wanna spoil the party here - and I certainly do not want to detract from the generosity of those that have built this vine - but we shouldn't be "adding" any disks to any vines...
Gotta a little Sumpin'? Start a new vine...
Please DON'T "beef up" an existing vine; remember those that were in front of you that wouldn't need the entire package again just to get your addition, or those behind you that are going to have to deal with the confusion of who's getting what?
It just Lumpies the Gravy, ya know?
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From: Jim L
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So it should look like this by now or soon?

Richard-UK<< mr. skull << Milhouse-US << white
rabbitt-US << Scott Burnett - US << Joseph-US

This one has gone through some twists and turns, and when did Denver 69 get
added in? If anyone that was on this vine and has disappeared speak up. Just
seems like someone is missing.

Jim L

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