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I am picking these up as they come over the POND.  I promise to pass it along.

We donĀ“t mess around 1978 (DVD)
linage: German TV--VHS/hifi--DVD(Standalone PC--you!
German TV (BR 3)
60 min, A, 60 min, NTSC,(master)
Dates reported: February 2nd, July 1st, and August 1978
 In 1978 Zappa rented the big top of Circus Krone for some days to
 rehearse with his band. Parts of the rehearsals were videotaped by the
 BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk)
 A Pound for a Brown, Baby Snakes, The Deathless Horsie, Dancin' Fool,
 Easy Meat, Honey Don't You Want a Man Like Me?, Keep It Greasey, Why
 Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Sofa, Seal Call Fusion Music, Bobby Brown
 Goes Down,Conehead, Dead Air, I'm On Duty, St. Alphonzo's Pancake
 Breakfast, Rollo,Bamboozled By Love.
 FZ, Ike Willis, Denny Walley, Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf,
 Ed Mann, Vinnie Colaiuta

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