I'd like to participate in this one too!  Thanks.
Bart << Thierry Barbier-France ,=<< JoeDP-USA <<ChrisF-USA<< Richard Moore-UK << Milhouse - US << Joseph-US
" 1. "A Day With Frank Zappa" - The Dutch documentary about Flo&Eddie FZ era, with a lot of private footage from FZ Cucamonga place, including shots from live concert of Sanzini Bros plus many more.

2.  "Das Genie Frank Zappa" - an Austrian  ZDF TV posthumous documentary film  (~45 mins) about life and music of FZ, with several guest appereances incl. Don Preston, JCBlack, George Duke, Keith Richards, Brian May, JLPonty...
The film is very touching and sad in my oppinion, especially due to the some shooting from the very late days of Mister Zappa when he was r! ehersing with Ensemble Modern....tearfull....
If you ain't seen it yet - it's a must. "

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