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On it’s way to the west coast for the first stop.

The details

2DVD set and or 3VCD set.


Project Object

Middle East

Cambridge, MA USA

April 11, 2005




Source: master microdrive mpeg-2, JVC GZ-MC200 (handheld)

TV system: (NTSC)

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Sys Bitrate: 6000 kb/s VBR


Video Transfer: Microdrive > CF Slot > HD

Video Editing-Encoding: Womble MPEG Video Wizard 



Source: EW SR77 (ps2)> AD-20 / 48Hz > JB3

Audio Coding mode: DVD_LPCM_AUDIO

Sampling Rate: 48kHz

Bitrate: 1536 kb/s


Audio Transfer: Creative Labs Jukebox 3 > Firewire > HD

Audio Editing-Encoding: Adobe Audition 1.5


DVD Authoring: Ulead DVD Factory


Recorded by: diggrd

Transfered by: diggrd



SET 1:


Track 01: Intro

Track 02: Chunga's Revenge

Track 03: Titties and Beer > T'Mershi Duween

Track 04: Florentine Pogen

Track 05: I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

Track 06: Idiot Bastard Son >

Track 07: Pygmy Twylyte

Track 08: Uncle Meat > King Kong

Track 09: Packard Goose

Track 10: Uncle Remus

Track 11: <Merch Rap>

Track 12: Peaches En Regalia


SET 2:


Track 03: Intro

Track 02: Andy

Track 03: Inca Roads

--- Entire Overnite Sensation ---

Track 04: Camarillo Brillo  

Track 05: I'm The Slime

Track 06: Dirty Love

Track 07: Fifty-Fifty

Track 08: Zomby Woof

Track 09: Dinah-Moe Humm

Track 10: Montana

--- End Overnite Sensation ---

Track 11: Eat That Question

Track 12: Village of the Sun


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