You're right in your assumption of Bunk playing "electric-depending" 
woodwinds. We're talking about the Maestro Woodwind System. It's 
basically an octave divider that produces sounds one and two octaves 
below the input pitch. Through a filter these sounds could be altered 
to sound like an English horn, bass clarinet, bass saxophone, 
bassoon. If I remember correctly the incoming sound could also be 
filtered to sound like a fluegelhorn without using octave division. 
On top of these one could add fuzz and vibrato effects. I haven't 
listened to "King Kong" for a long time (+35 yrs.) but I think Bunk 
solos on a soprano sax and uses a fuzzed bassoon sound two octaves 
below (the range of the bass saxophone). I think Bunk originally was 
a bassoon player, when I talked to him at the Zappanale 2002 he told 
me he had won a grant to study it with one of the smaller orchestras 
attached to the Cleveland Symphony back in his high school days. 
There are also other parts of Uncle Meat where he plays the "real" 
bassoon. Finally, Ian Underwood also used the the Maestro system, 
sometimes with a wha-wha pedal.

--- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, "pbuzby2002" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> The credits mention that Bunk plays "electric-depending" woodwinds 
> times - this is one of those, I think, since it produces tones in 
> or three different octaves at once.  He also plays this for a few 
> seconds on "Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme", btw.
> Pat Buzby
> Chicago, IL
> --- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, "SOFA" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > "The Gardiner Varieties"; I'd wager that it's Bunk playing 
> that's tickling your fancy so...

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