It's working guys! Keep up the good vibes! Here's an update on Mr. Edison's condition:
I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed, grateful, and humbled I've been by the strong show of support that I've received from so many people. Too many to respond to, let alone list here. But special mention to Cousin Patty who corrected me that I should not refer to this cancer as "mine". It's cancer, it's in me, it is not mine, and we're getting it out tomorrow. My dear friend Ed who took this and a Richard Thompson signing and turned it into a wonderful bit of comic art (hopefully I'll be able to scan it so everybody can experience Ed's J&R adventure). Also to my new (this year, at least) friend SOFA who took my message and sent it out to the entire Zappa community out there. So to my new friends in Britain and Belgium (yay, Gaby & Jurgen) and The Netherlands and The Midwest and Brazil and everybody else who sent good wishes and better jokes my way, thank you.
Here's the news. I'm scheduled to report to John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson (631-473-1320) at 7:30 a.m. All systems are go for the 4-6 hour procedure. I should be in the hospital for about a week (hopefully less) and then home for another 4-6 weeks. (Don't be too surprised if you don't hear from me for a while. The e-mails are certainly going to be piling up) Everybody is confident that they should be able to get the cancerous mass out all in one clean shot and that, in time, I'll be back walking, working and eating with no restrictions (although Rosanne and I agree that we'll probably be getting rid of most of the red meat in my diet). Until then, though, I should expect to lose the weight I've gained from friends who have plied me with dinners and ice cream galore since I'm not going to want to eat too much too soon, just as I expected.
Oh, and the jokes. You folks have been great! And please, keep 'em coming, along with the cancer survivor stories, the practical advice, and the amazingly powerful prayers/collective will/unified subconcious that has kept the both of us on such a positive plane. Pray especially that my surgeon doesn't sneeze at the wrong moment.
And my favorite joke thus far? Probably from WUSB's own J-Ro who pointed out, "Only an asshole gets rectal cancer."
See you all on the other side of surgery. Please take care of Rosanne in my absence, okay?
Not Dead Yet,
Bill Amutis
(Ol' Baggy Eyes)
This is truly great news. Another personal, big thank you to all who care.
You guys ROCK!

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