Thanks for your help. I went to the Nero site and downloaded
the available updates. This seems to have rectified the problem.
Mr. Skull
Ok then perhaps I do know of one that it isn’t working for. It is designed for 2000 and or XP. I’m starting to wonder if perhaps you have a hardware problem. I’ve certainly worn out a few burners in the last few years. Not really worn out as much as they seemed to have circuitry failures. New ones are dirt cheap any more in fact for just a few dollars more a DVD CD combo burner can be had. All this may only be true for desktop models.


Before condemning your drive though make sure you have DMA (direct memory access) enabled. This is usually enabled but sometimes gets turned off somehow. This is how you can check and turn it on if it’s off


1.      Right-click My Computer, then click Properties.

2.      Click the Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button.

3.      Open the devices under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

4.      For the Primary IDE Channel and the Secondary IDE Channel, double-click the device to display its properties.

5.      Click the Advanced tab.

6.      Ensure that the Current Transfer Mode is DMA or Ultra DMA, not PIO Onlychange it if necessary.

7.      Apply the changes and re-start Windows.



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Downloaded the newest version, but it didn't work for me.



Mr. Skull

I can’t be of much help as I haven’t used Nero for some time now. I can offer a free alternative that a lot of folks are using now with no problems. They say it’s not compatible with all drives but I’ve not found anyone yet that’s had a problem if they are using 2000 or XP. Here’s a little quick start guide with a link for downloading the software. It’s called Burnatonce and it uses CDRDAO. If you set it like this it always burns DAO and never creates gaps.


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Thanks for the help. I did as you suggested, and yet the problem still persists.


Mr. Skull

Go to My Computer/ c drive

Documents and settings/your folder which relates to your computer name or user 


Then Temp


Theres where NERO Puts the nero temp files as default


in there you will have the full files from the discs you have burned, they should usually delete automatically after a sucessful burn!


Delete them




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