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Hey friends.
I got the 2 VCD vine with this and the "Das Genie Frank Zappa" special a few days ago and finally got around to watching the master discs today. Did anyone else have a problem playing the "Day With FZ" VCD in their DVD players? "Das Genie" played fine, but with the "Day With FZ" disc, a message came up on screen that said "No supported files found." It plays fine on my PC CD-ROM drive but is so far the only DVD I have or have tried that won't play in my brand new Philips DVD player. Is there any particular reason why it wouldn't play? Am I alone in having this problem? Help a brother out.
BTW, checking out the contents of the disc on my CD-ROM drive, I see there's a folder and inside the folder in the program itself in mpg format and then, for some reason, a torrent file. Could the latter have anything to do with why it won't play?

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